Wander of Wonders

Breakfast at Stella, to go: a chocolate croissant with a crackly, crispy, sugary top and a strong coffee, the perfect fuel for traversing the hills of San Francisco. Meandering, past side-of-the-building murals, the ladies practising tai chi in the park; inhaling the ever-present garlicky smell of North Beach.

Afternoon beers on the patio at Emporio Rulli. The perfect view of Union Square; the hustle and bustle. The restaurant does not have a restroom so we must run elsewhere one at a time and then return to our perfect spot; either to the public bathroom in the parking garage or across the street at Macy’s. This is part of the fun; a joining in the hustle and bustle if only for a sprint to the loo.


It’s getting darker, and a warm light illuminates the red and cream checkered sidewalk of Calzone’s. We take a seat at an outside table, facing Columbus Avenue. We share a dish of pasta, and then order seconds. Is this love?


Featured Image Credit: Fred Lyon, City Lights Books, San Francisco, 1950s

Body Image Credit: Fred Lyon, Woodside Ave., San Francisco, 1950s

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