Why does my mother wash her hair in the sink? The memory of her in the ‘80s, hunched awkwardly over the kitchen sink, timeline_ad_1921lathering and conditioning her bleached-blonde mop seems perplexing and hilarious to me now. We had a perfectly good shower; as an adult, I don’t get it.
And furthermore, because she was smack dab in the middle of the kitchen she suffered constant interruption from me and my sister as we asked her questions about snacks or sought counsel to settle a fight. I remember she’d turn her head to the side, the water rushing over her soapy hair, her eyelids clenched, wincing as trails of mascara stung her eyes, trying to make sense of two squeaky voices over the sound of the running tap.


Featured Image Credit: Jean-Claude, L’Oréal d’Or Advertisement, 1921

Body Image: Jean-Claude, L’Oréal d’Or Advertisement (II), 1921

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