New York Notes, 2013

As soon as the red paper bowl, overflowing with french fries is presented, the baby to the left, the middle aged woman to the right, the man looking for a seat, cannot resist immediate consumption.

It doesn’t matter that I’m alone; most people aren’t talking to each other anyway–and if they are, they aren’t saying much. Case in point: Cargo shorts couple…followed shortly by matching New York Yankees baseball caps couple.

Strong perfumes of the city.

Women give birth to babies and employ girls to be their mothers.

Central Park, rustic shelter.

Boy with a Tisch backpack, a clipboard and a fuzzy microphone .

I sat for a long while and thought, took it all in, even left my mark, engraved, forever. The couple with the dark hair and a bag full of souvenirs came upon the shelter–and me–took a photograph, and left.

Walking the coffee break perimeter.

On the corner of broadway, a man: topless, top hat, playing the recorder.


Featured Image Credit: Woody Allen, Manhattan, 1979

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