Autumn, 2015 (cont.)

What my editor didn’t know is that I have some LSD at home, and I will proceed to experiment with microdosing at work for the rest of the week, gradually increasing the dose. And on the last day when I take the biggest hit, I will spend thirty minutes staring at my computer screen, trying the hardest I ever have to stifle my laughter, as the inane conversations between him and the assistant editor float out from his open door and into my LSD brains. I will experience my biggest boost of productivity as fear of failing doesn’t exist to me, but I will use my productivity to produce the most ridiculous post about milk and cookies which my mother will later tell me is her favourite piece I produced while at the magazine. Go figure. It wasn’t though. It was horrible.

But I did experience the effectiveness and value of microdosing: as long as you are starting off with a good idea the drug will help you focus and bring your vision to reality. It also makes office chatter more entertaining than it’s ever been; I have a few gems written in my notebook, one has to do with Emergen-C powder.


Featured Image: Ralph Steadman, AAARRGH, date unknown (’70s?)

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