Autumn, 2015

It was suggested yesterday that someone should write about LSD. I’m not sure if this was sincere or sarcastic, but it made my ears perk up. The person solicited to write about the drug was hesitant. As the editor-in-chief walked by my desk in the intern pit, I blurted out, “I’ll write about LSD.” He stopped and acknowledged my statement, then mumbled something as he walked into his office. 

I was thinking about this idea when, struggling to fall asleep, I got out of bed, sat on the couch and typed “LSD, news.” Apparently microdoses of the drug are found to increase productivity and enjoyment at work. My displeasure at being a pseudo-secretary instead of a writer at the magazine prompted me to experiment with this notion. 

And so, this morning, teetering in my platform Mary Janes, hunched over my kitchen counter, I cut an eighth of a dose to pair with my toast and coffee. Not sure if this will produce any effects but at least it will make me feel more like a writer while I format newsletters and catalogue items for the Christmas party auction.

To be continued.


Featured Image: Bonnie MacLean, Fillmore Poster featuring the Yardbirds and the Doors, 1967

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